As planned, I was able to go to Boston for the New Year, and am so happy I did. I was able to see some of my closest friends and go to my old haunts. This trip was much more low key than past ones; I didn’t feel quite as looming of a pressure to reacquaint myself with absolutely everything and everyone and play tourist this time. Instead, my focus was unfocused, aiming to simply go with the flow and have fun. Other than going out for New Years and a few little trips scattered here and there, I didn’t have any major plans.

On the day where I had the most actually scheduled, Boston, being Boston, decided to be its glorious broody self and downpour intermittently throughout the day; thus, I ended up at a new coffee shop. Shocker.

There are few things I love as much as venturing to a new coffee shop––even though my bank account scowls at me each time I do. Back home in Madison, Barriques is one of my favorites, due to its selection of coffee and other food and beverage variations. Tradesman Coffee Shop and Lounge is sort of like Boston’s version of Barriques, in that it not only serves an outstanding variety of coffee and other beverages, but also has scrumptious food and an enticing bar. If I had more time at Tradesman, I definitely would have stayed for a drink or two. 

Located in Boston’s Financial District, approximately ten minutes walking distance, from South Station, Tradesman Coffee Shop and Lounge is nestled on Batterymarch Street and beckons cafe-goers to enter at their wallets’ own risks. Tradesman opened its doors in January 2019 and has been drawing in an eclectic crowd ever since. Writers, business people, freelancers, students, and friends alike gather at this warm, trendy space and flock to booths equipped with outlets, or gather by the bar. This cafe also offers an ideal environment for people to work or lounge––quiet enough to encourage focus, with subtle notes of background music ensuring that the atmosphere isn’t rigid or eerie.

Above anything else, the vibe of Tradesman is a coffee shop. Using Barrington Coffee Roasters coffee, they serve the classic coffee types––drip, macchiatos, lattes, cappuccinos, and espresso––along with spunky variations. When I was there, the seasonal drinks included a caramel pumpkin latte, honey bee lavender latte, and maple cinnamon latte. I can personally vouch for the honey bee lavender and maple cinnamon lattes; they were outstanding and equipped with carefully-crafted art or spice garnishes.

The food at Tradesman is also nothing to sneeze at, especially their sandwiches and signature stuffed croissants. In addition to serving classic butter croissants and a plethora of pastries, one of Tradesman’s specialties is their stuffed croissants, with flavors including birthday cake, red velvet, fruity pebbles, Boston créme pie, and Valrhona chocolate. 

Basically, if you’re in the Greater Boston Area and haven’t been to Tradesman yet, you’re missing out. Case closed. When the next rainy day comes along, grab a book, your laptop, or a friend (or all three!) and stake your claim for a few hours. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Honey bee lavender latte


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